Truth Wins

Funny story from this past week. A woman & her grandchild came into work & found our GM so they could log a complaint. In typical CFA fashion, my GM went with our company’s LAST method of conflict resolution. Listen, Apologize, Solve, & Thank… he heard her complaint that she had ordered a 12 nugget box & only got 8 in the box. And Matt was almost to the ‘solve’ stage when her granddaughter spoke up:

“Grandma, you said there was eleven nuggets in that box!!”

Of course, 11 is still not 12, so Matt solved the problem as he had intended to, but I had to repress my laughter. And the thought crossed my mind that, in some way, truth always wins.

That story is a terrible example of this idea. People ‘get away’ with exaggerations & manipulations of the truth all the time. And while karma is a nice idea, it’s just not biblical. I don’t believe in it, but I do believe in consequence… & of course, unrepentant sin carries a hefty & eternal fine. So stop lying people. It’s pointless. Even if it gets you an extra nugget or two… it makes you a liar.

Perhaps another story would be more poignant, but it is also deeply convicting to me.

Not too long ago, I saw a man that I hadn’t seen in years. And without volunteering too much family information, I cannot think of another person that has so negatively impacted each member of my family on such a personal level. So, to be frank, he’s not going to make our Christmas card list… likely, ever. And for good reason. And seeing him elicited some pretty raw emotions for me. Nothing visceral jumped into my heart, but I wasn’t hoping for a reunion. So I kept a distance & watched him grab a meal in a local restaurant I was at. Alone, he sat at a table, briefly organized his food & condiments, & then prayed. He prayed for 4 minutes, at least. And when he was done, went right to eating. He didn’t look up. Never noticed me. And was certainly not praying to draw attention to himself. He ate pretty quickly, got up, cleaned his table, & darted away.

And it hit me… Truth wins.

He has certainly merited some ill-will from a lot of people. It was years ago, but it was bad. And it has left wounds. But God doesn’t grant grace on merit. Mercy & grace are freely distributed to any who call on the name of Jesus. That’s the Truth… & Truth wins.

Presently, a dear friend & a mentor in my life is remembering his daughter, who passed a few years ago. And rightly, as well as righteously, he & his family mourn the loss. But mourning turns to joy, because Heaven is a portion of the Gospel, & the Gospel is the Truth. Truth wins.

Our son is precious. He is smart, charming, & a good-looking kid. I am already praying over the challenges that puberty may very well wreak on his cuteness. But today, & each day since he was given to us by God, has been awesome. And we are trying our best to navigate through our parenting follies to point Parker in ‘the way that he should go’. We may fail. He may not go where we point. But we’re pointing  him in that direction because the Bible tells us to, & the Bible is God’s Truth. Truth wins.

How does Truth impact you? I’m not asking if you merely know what ‘Truth’ I’m talking about. That’s nice, but knowing what the Gospel is means you attended a decent Sunday School class when you were younger. I’m asking about how the Truth that is the Gospel changes your mind, your thoughts, your choices, & your lifestyle.

Frankly, if you know the Truth, but you cannot point to the impact that Truth has on your life, you don’t know the Truth like you think you do. This Truth humbles your right to be offended, grants peace to your mourning, & directs the way you raise your children beyond traditions & experience.

Truth wins. Truth wins here & always.



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3 responses to “Truth Wins

  1. John

    First thought…AMEN!
    My second thought here is that your title of this post looks/sounds like a Rob Bell book. My third thought is, I am soo glad that Truth wins. Because if everything depended on me (or us as a people) to “win”…man would I (we) be screwed. And the last thought I had was about all the time I personally wasted because in the heat of certain moments I “forgot” that Truth wins.

    I’m sure that I am not the only one who “forgot” or forgets in certain times of stress. If I am the only one, please don’t tell me cause I don’t want to know. (Yes the irony in that last statement was intentional) The Truth promises peace and understanding. And I know how amazing THAT peace and understanding is, and sometimes I wish that I would have just stopped what I was doing earlier and rested in the reality that Truth does win. Because the experience of that reality is far more fulfilling than the pointless work I spend trying to win on my own.

    This post is great because it highlights the simplicity of life with God. I wish we would all remember this Truth more often in our day to day lives. Whether single, married, parents, business men+women, students…how much of our time experiencing God’s Truth (of grace, love, forgiveness, peace) is robbed because we feel the need to “win” that argument or that conversation or whatever?

    Realizing that Truth always wins, removes the illusion that I am in control. Which is good, cause that allows me to trust in who is in control–which always leads me to the amazing and awesome. And it is in these moments and times that I feel closest to God and living that life of abundance that is promised. Which is what it’s all about right.

    Nice word bro.


  2. Roma

    Very very good Brad and so true…
    The truth will always win and give us the peace, love and compassion we need for our mankind daily.
    Sometimes the truth hurts and makes us sad but in the end it i what sets us free.


  3. Melissa C

    I wish I could say that this post elicited some righteous feeling that Truth wins for all, that includes me, and its as much about Truth in my life as in everyone’s lives. Clearly I understand that. However, you know that one portion of this post stands out for me (as I occasionally get the joy of the same encounters at the gym)…and it just makes me hope that every encounter with our family is a reminder to him just how much grace and mercy matter in all of our lives. (Maybe even how grace and mercy keep me from the visceral reaction of tripping him every time I see him,


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