Your Best Shot

I’m working on some things for work, but the affinity to things spiritual, & hopefully Christ-like are never far from my thinking. So, as I’m reading through a relatively famous restauranteur’s book, I was convicted by how he decides what he will work toward in his field as innovation, with full time, & financial investment.

If I sense an opportunity to reframe something I’m passionately interested in, I give it my absolute best shot.

That sounds great….

Is that what I do? Is that the course that every believer should chart out? Understand your passions & then dive wholeheartedly into the thing? How do we unpack his life ambition/mantra in view of God’s will & my heart’s truest desires?

I don’t know.

But I Corinthians 10 is blaring in my ear, with that familiar chant to do whatever you do ‘to the glory of God’. So how do you navigate what you love/like & the call to be of God no matter where you are?

Honestly, while it seems tricky, it’s probably not. God wins. The glorification of God trumps whatever I may have figured out so far about my own desires. So if I’m positionally somewhere I don’t want to be, with no promise of reprieve, glorify God. Should I find myself in transition, from one thing on my way to the next, glorify God wherever my feet land, whenever they land. And if I’m doing the thing that I am certain I have been created for in this season on my life, do that to the glory of God too.

So the author’s idea is a great one, short of one massive overstep. God is not the centerpiece. So purpose requires an idea, innovation needs inspiration, & his best shot must be preceded by something he deems worthwhile… He has to want to want to.

Christians, that is not our luxury. Our ‘want’ must be God’s glory in exclusivity to everything else. Our inspiration must be seated in Christ’s work & eternity’s hope. The question that nailed me when I read this quote is now written in the book –

To what do I give my best shot?

What are my personal requirements that I use to invalidate the higher calling to glorify God? It has never been a choice between one thing or the other. It is a choice between me & God. I will serve to the glory of one, always. But my best shot belongs to God. My utmost for His highest, so to speak.

Passions aside. Preference ignored. What do I choose to give less than my best to? And how is God glorified in that?


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