Together, On The Edge

Listening to my boss speak on leadership today as he was discussing teamwork. He used the metaphor of mountain climbing as a group. Climb to the next level up, dig in, & keep going higher. Made sense to me.

Now imagine if one member of the team was climbing up without digging in at each new level. No plan. No order. Just climbing. And they slip and fall… no leveling up to fall back on. Just the thought of spiraling down, hoping that your team has dug in & they can sustain the weight of your free fall.

What a nightmare of personal responsibility! My failure to have a system in place for my own development & growth, my inability to prepare, plan, & persevere, my shortcomings that I’m fully aware of but entirely avoiding can be debilitating to those around me.

At work – I’m on two teams really. One I run with & one I lead. What if my failings put my colleagues, people I enjoy & care for, in harm’s way? Or to the team that I lead, what if my inability to grow & mature are stunting those I’m so honored to lead? That’s just gut-wrenching.

At home – I have no higher honor than loving & leading my wife. And if I’m allowing her to carry the weight of my free fall – the declines in my life physically, psychologically, or spiritually – not only am I not leading, but I’m all but stopping her growth. And to my little boy, who may not do most of what I say, he is watching what I do. He’s copying me. He is going to be a lot like his daddy. He already is.

This isn’t my most in-depth blog. I actually wrote this in about 10min. But I was provoked, spurred on, so to speak. How are your ‘teams’? Are you dug into the mountain of leadership & growth that you are climbing? Are you taking the time to secure yourself in maturity, time management, etc.? Or are you perilously close to a free fall of integrity, poor planning, bad decisions, or faulty relationships? Look back at the people who are modeling after you. What are they teaching you about you?

Hold the line. Prepare. Move deliberately & intentionally.



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2 responses to “Together, On The Edge

  1. David Johnson

    You make some very interesting points. I have found, however, that I am many times my own worst enemy by attempting to make life to be far more complicated than is necessary. Personal responsibility is about perseverance and it is not the big things in life that really cause us the problem. It is the every day circumstances in life in which we must discharge our responsibilities that eventually may overwhelm us. Leadership is about washing feet in service to those around us, the hard part is being prepared to do it every day of your life. I believe that this is why the Apostle Paul spoke so eloquently of the race of faith in Hebrews. You will only fail when you stop running.


    • Hey David. Great to hear from you! Hope you’re doing great!

      You make some great points. I recently heard a pastor, speaking on unity & church, put it this way: ‘I’m not fully me without you. Without Christ. Without the church.’ So I think, functioning as the body of Christ, we must be diligent to the understanding of mutual benefit. We are the emissaries of God. Not me.

      And in business, while copious ideologies of service, success, & profit pervade, I still believe the most beneficial strategy for excellence & mutual benefit is being concerned for your own footing & foundation. Growth must start somewhere!


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